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Angelina Duran

Arts & Culture

For eighteen years, Angelina Duran has been a dedicated educator whose goal is to create the best possible learning environments for students, teachers, and the surrounding community. She began her educational career as a school psychologist and an educational diagnostician before transitioning to administrative roles for special education as a specialist and director. As a principal for a Title I elementary school, Angelina took the school’s culture from a School of Promise to winning two state awards, the latest being a School of Excellence.

Angelina Duran is a researcher who is passionate about implementing Restorative Practices in the schools and educational institutions she works in and with. She aims to promote equity and diversity in both schools and society, doing her part by participating in multiple forums to support and promote awareness, learning opportunities, and equitable practices within schools and organizations. She continues to be a strong leader and speaker throughout the state of Colorado, using her education and expertise to do her part in helping shape society. 

As a spiritual person, Angelina Duran believes in the strong connections she forms both with other people and within herself professionally and personally. She tries her best to truly understand others so she can serve them to the best of her ability as a transformational leader; Angelina wishes to use her knowledge and understanding to be a support system for people to grow. She is a genuine person who has gratitude for everything that happens in her life; she believes that everything in life happens for a reason and that people should learn from their life journey. These lessons help people grow and understand the world around them, making everyone a better person each day. Through this spirituality, Angelina wishes to help others find their own light and spirituality through their own lives—this is one of her biggest goals and passions. 

An educator at heart, Angelina Duran wishes to educate and empower her fellow educators toward being effective instructional leaders and teachers within their own educational settings. She focuses specifically on minority populations and diverse school settings, wanting to support school culture through her Restorative Practices approach toward behaviors in school. Additionally, Angelina supports mental health and challenging behaviors in schools by creating structures and cultures to support growth and understanding among students, staff, families, and their communities. She wishes to see the community she’s in thrive through both school and society. Angelina also ensures safety and security through all schools with a strategic approach to proactive measures and supporting challenging students. Through her work, she strives toward an inclusive learning environment to support students and help them achieve great success both in the organization and in successful outcomes. 

Presently, Angelina Duran is the Principal of Cherry Creek Elevation Elementary in Denver, CO. She moved to Denver recently with her two young boys, using her free time to explore Colorado with them and find adventures in the world around them. Through these adventures, Angelina hopes to show her passion and energy toward the world to her children and leave positive footprints along the way.

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