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If you love music, you’ll want to visit some of the greatest places in its recent history. Here are just 10 of the best places for music lovers to visit in the United States.

  1. Memphis

Elvis’ legendary Graceland mansion dominates this list, as does the equally-iconic Beale Street. From Isaac Hayes to B.B. King, few cities can boast a richer musical history in America.

  1. New York

A pretty obvious choice, New York has played host to everyone from Broadway Stars and Big Band icons to Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Greenwich Village played host to some of the greatest poets and singer-songwriters of the counterculture in the 1950s and 60s, and no city on Earth can best New York for jazz history or icons who’ve played at its iconic venues.

  1. Los Angeles

Another obvious choice, LA has attracted all manner of rock stars for decades. It was also one of the epicenters of the emerging gangsta rap movement in the 90s. West Coast Rap was distinct from East Coast Rap, so visiting LA will give you a different lineup of names than those who shook the Big Apple.

  1. Detroit

Motown made Detroit, for a time, one of the musical epicenters in America. If you love soul, disco, and R&B, you owe it to yourself to see the landmarks and sites commemorated by the big names of the genre, such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Diana Ross, all of whom recorded at the legendary Studio A.

  1. Nashville

What Detroit is to soul music Nashville is to country. Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, pre-pop Taylor Swift, and just about every big country star you can think of recorded at the numerous studios in the city, forming an intrastate musical and cultural rivalry with Memphis that lasts to this day.

  1. Seattle

When you think of the grunge explosion that dominated rock in the 1990s, you think of Seattle. If that’s your jam, you owe it to yourself to see the city that Nirvana and other bands put on the musical map.

  1. New Orleans

If any city in America can rival New York for jazz supremacy, it’s N’awlins. From Louis Armstrong’s birthplace to the famed French Quarter, the whole city is an incredible blend of musical styles and cultural influences.

  1. Chicago

The early days of jazz owe as much to their Chicago roots as they do the Big Apple. If you really like classic jazz, you’ll want to see the places where names such as Bo Diddley and Buddy Guy played. This is also where Earth, Wind, and Fire were based, who alone give Chicago some S&B cred.

  1. Atlanta

The musical story of Atlanta is still being written as one of the most recent additions to this list. A huge part of the story here is the emergence of Atlanta rap, with rappers such as T.I., Usher, and Andre 3000 calling “The ATL” home.

  1. Minneapolis

Prince was, is, and forever will be the king here. From his studio Paisley Park to various others all over the city, Prince recorded over and over again in his home city, loving it as much as they continue to love him back.